Introduced by W Business Center
Nowadays people are very concerned about germs, bacteria, and most especially viruses. They are looking for the best and optimal cleaning solution that will make their working and living environment a safer and a better place.
If you’re looking to keep your office safe and virus-free, W Business Center is here to show you a new concept in the cleaning process – a UV lamp. It is the perfect way to clean and disinfect areas and all kinds of surfaces – including small areas inside your office space such as keyboards, cupboards, chairs and etc.
But how does it work?
UVC radiation is a known as disinfectant for air, water, and hard surfaces. UVC radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as tuberculosis. For this reason, UVC lamps are often called “germicidal” lamps.
How do we use the UV lights ?
UV lightening is an additional service included in our cleaning procedure. After cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces with our products, we will use the UV lamps as a final step of the cleaning process and we will make sure that your working desks, tables and chairs are sanitized and safe from all kind of germs, bacteria and viruses.
The UV cleaning is applied once per day – in the morning – just before you start your working day.
Office Cleaning @ W Business Center
The health of our customers and employees is extremely important to us. With our new concept of UV lightening, we can offer our customers more protection.
Do you want to see how it works? Feel free to contact us and we will show you around.