Cross cultural communication is the process of identifying both differences and similarities among cultural groups.

Today we live in a multicultural society and it is very common for companies to hire foreign workers. We all know how important is to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural environment and how important it is for the organizational process of the company.
A minor misunderstanding can lead to serious consequences. The language barrier is not the only issue we face when working with international team members. Fear of offending someone or being misunderstood is also a significant obstacle that prevents effective communication. In order to facilitate communication in intercultural situations, we need to understand the different cultural factors influencing human behavior.
We were glad to co-host one of the Share & (L)earn seminar series, organized by CEEC Vietnam and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam ! Many thanks to Denise Truong from TYDE consulting for sharing her experience about cross-cultural communication!
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