In the quest for achieving personal productivity within shared workspaces, coworking facilities have witnessed a consistent surge in popularity, especially in response to businesses seeking enhanced flexibility during the pandemic. Consequently, these spaces are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of activity and demand.

For many people, a coworking space offers several perks over a conventional workspace—from the friendly, bustling environment to the convenience of a routine and added technology benefits.

There is the worry for some individuals such as freelancers or remote workers that their productivity may decrease when they transition to a coworking environment. So, with that in mind, how can you ensure you are staying on top of your tasks while still taking advantage of a safe and well-designed coworking space?

Follow a routine

Self-discipline comes into play whenever productivity is mentioned, but it’s particularly important when working in a coworking space. It is all too easy for distractions to become an issue when you’re working around other people, especially those who aren’t aligned with your company’s shared goals.

There are several ways to stick to a schedule. You might be someone who benefits from writing a to-do list, using the likes of a bullet journal method to keep track of everything you need to get done, or you might be digitally-focused and require the use of kanban boards (visual project-management tools) and time-tracking apps to stay on track.

Whatever works for you, clearing your task list every day can give you a sense of job satisfaction and ensure you are still meeting your deadlines. Additionally, adhering to a schedule ensures that you do not encroach on someone else’s reserved time in your coworking space.

Maintain cleanliness

Studies have shown that working in a tidy environment can significantly boost productivity. There’s nothing worse than attempting to work on a project or a specific task while being demotivated by the chaos of scattered paper, technology, and discarded wrappers around you. This clutter makes it harder to focus on the task at hand and can slow you down when you need to search for papers or documents.

When working in a coworking space, these rules apply not only to be considerate of others but also to enhance your productivity.

In addition to disposing of waste throughout the day, staying organized can be facilitated by labeling your items with stickers, distinguishing your belongings from those of your coworkers.

If you’re borrowing company equipment, such as laptops, keeping them easily identifiable will help you stay organized and minimize the risk of losing items while on the move.

Schedule breaks and get moving

Sitting at a desk all day can harm both your physical health and your focus and productivity. A sedentary lifestyle, which often results from prolonged desk work, can lead to neck and posture issues and raise the risk of other health problems.

It is recommended to take regular breaks by getting up and moving around, whether it’s a short walk outside, a five-minute stretch, or a coffee break in the kitchen.

A good practice is to take a 5 to 10-minute break every hour to rest your body and mind. Stepping away from your screen allows your mind to reset, making it easier to focus on tasks when you return to work.

Utilize privacy to your advantage.

A coworking space offers the flexibility to avoid home distractions and eliminates the need to go to the office. Yet, there are times when you require a peaceful environment to meet tight deadlines or produce your best work.

Utilize the private areas in your local coworking space, like meeting rooms or pods, for a peaceful work environment. Consider investing in noise-cancelling headphones to block out distractions from neighboring workers in meetings or on calls.

Switch off social media

Anyone with a social media account knows how easily time can slip away while scrolling through funny videos, friends’ pictures, or celebrity posts, often without realizing how much time has passed.

When striving for productivity, it’s crucial to resist the temptation of social media if you hope to meet your deadlines. You don’t want to reach the end of your allocated time only to realize that all you’ve accomplished is catching up on Instagram and Twitter.

Fortunately, you do not have to depend solely on willpower to disconnect from social media. Tools like Freedom or RescueTime can help you work distraction-free for as long as you need.

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular because they provide a flexible and collaborative environment, making them an exceptional choice for professionals. However, effectively managing one’s to-do list in such an environment can present a formidable challenge, necessitating additional efforts to maintain a firm grip on one’s daily workflow.

At W Business Center, we are steadfastly dedicated to optimizing productivity, not only for our team members but also for the esteemed members of our coworking spaces who actively utilize these dynamic work environments. The following set of strategies and recommendations are designed to empower our employees and coworking members to concentrate their efforts, channel their focus, and achieve heightened productivity within the same time frame.

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